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Intensive Five Week Blast


Do you want to get into shape so that you look your best on your Wedding day, get that bikini body, have that extra edge for a sporting event or just get in better shape quickly?

Does your dress show off your arms and shoulders maybe? Wouldn't it be great to work on those areas and have them toned and looking great?

Now you can with my Intensive Five Week Blast!

Eight one hour 1 to 1 personal Pilates sessions and six of my regular Pilates mat work classes taken over a five week period to help you get the shape you want in as short a time as possible.

Total price £280. Normal price £322 (if you bought as individual sessions and classes) a saving of £42.

Call me on 07919172941 or email for more information or to book your Intensive Five Week Blast! 

One person who did use my Intensive Five Week Blast! to get ready for her wedding was Rachel Hume and you can read her account of how it went below.


I have always had an interest in exercise. I start something new with great determination, motivation and commitment, however, after a time I get bored and lose interest, slack off and get into bad habits again.  Then maybe 6 months later, I get another notion and this cycle starts over again. 

I started attending Neilpilates group classes in March 2009 with my future mother-in-law and immediately fell in love with Pilates. Neil was a friendly and encouraging instructor who I found to have an astounding knowledge of the human body and exercise.   I regularly attended Neilpilates classes once or twice a week and found myself looking forward to them, and my body missing them if I missed a class. 

After attending for a couple of months, I started entering the monthly Neilpilates Facebook draws and after a while I won a 1 to 1 with Neil in his studio! After the first 1 to 1 I was hooked!!! Neil was able to focus the Pilates on my body?s needs.  The 1 to 1 ?s were fantastic, I felt great and could really notice a difference in my posture, muscle tone and general well being! As I could see a notable difference I tried to get a 1 to 1 booked ever month or two. 

I was getting married in July 2011 and was very self-conscious about certain parts of my body ? particularly my stomach and upper arms!! I had mentioned this to Neil at a couple of my 1 to 1s and we had started to really focus the sessions on these areas.  It was around April 2011 that Neil informed me of his Intensive Five Week Blast!  Knowing the difference Neil would make to my appearance, I couldn?t resist!

I started 5 weeks of 1 to 1s along with the weekly classes in May 2011.  The 1 to 1s were amazing! Neil, with his outstanding knowledge of the human body and exercise, worked me VERY hard!  There were weeks I could hardly move after the 1 to 1s?. but my goodness I could see a difference!!! Neil is a brilliant motivator and really encouraged me throughout.  He used a variety of exercises to keep me on my toes and make sure I didn?t get bored ? using a mix of; typical Pilates exercises, floor exercises, ball exercises, and weight/resistance exercises.  He suggested exercises to do at home and in the gym which also complimented his sessions.    As my friends and family started noticing the difference it was making, my confidence started to grow. 

When the big day came I felt wonderful! I received so many lovely compliments on the day about my figure!  I found I was able to relax the whole day especially in the photos ? without worrying about pulling in my stomach and making sure my arms were at the right angle!

I cannot thank Neil enough for the difference he made! I would recommend him to anyone.  He is a very talented instructor ? the best I have ever come across!

Rachel Hume








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