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"While filming 'Small Island' in Belfast I attended classes with Neil Healey. I genuinely can't recommend him enough. He is an extremely experienced, caring, perceptive and skilled teacher... without a doubt, one of the best I've worked with in the Pilates field."

Naomie Harris


Winnie Mandela in "Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom"

Agent Eve Moneypenny in the  James Bond film "Skyfall" and "Spectre"

Tia Dalma in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" & "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"


"Neil Healey is a knowledgeable Pilates instructor who clearly cares about his clients. I particularly like his video instruction, clarifying Pilates exercises."  


Ana Caban 

Pilates Instuctor and Actress

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I have to confess that before I started Pilates I was a bit of a weakling. I was the person who always needed help to lift their hand luggage into the overhead locker on an airplane. Pilates has made me noticeably stronger and made me much more aware of how my body works. As a teacher Neil is very patient and encouraging, plus he really knows his stuff!

Naomi McMullan

Naomi McMullan

Digital Producer / Reporter at The Profit Margin

Weekly 1 to 1 tuition


I was lucky to win a 1-2-1 session with Neil. For one hour on a Sunday morning Neil put me through a strict regime of Pilates moves.  His studio is fantastic, warm with equipment and music that feels very professional. While I ache as a result - I really enjoyed the class.  A treat in these stringent times but well worth it.

I am focused about improving my health, including my posture and toning my body.  Pilates has also helped a long term back problem.  The class is very relaxed and there is no sense of pressure.  Neil realizes that most of us are there to tone up  and we have our limitations.!  My favourite movements are Shoulder Bridge and all the tummy moves.

Marie-Louise Connolly

BBC NI Health Correspondant

1 to 1 tuition and Monday evening 19:30 class at St Bernadette?s Parish Centre .

I feel and look years younger, stronger and I am able to continue doing what I did when I was young.   I have been restored to my former self as I was before having children.  I like all the movements because it works the entire body and I wouldn?t change anything about the class other than try to attend more classes during the week. It?s great!

Jennifer Jordan (Pilates Instructor & Dance teacher)

Intermediate class at the Crescent Arts Centre


I have gained a lenghtened posture and I enjoy the adventure of trying totally new exercises which challenge my body in different ways. I like how Neil describes very precisely, but simply, how to do each move and tells you which muscles it is working.

Vix Sharp

Personnal Trainer, Tutor

Intermediate class at the Crescent Arts Centre 19:30 Fridays


Neil's Pilates class is very welcoming, friendly, educational and fun! I'm a huge fan :-) The DVD is so handy too.
Karen Galway

Wednesday class 17:30 LA Fitness Adelaide Street


I have gained strength and balance which has enabled me to stand taller and improved my posture.

I find myself using my core muscles all the time now, when I'm standing at the bus stop, at work, or ice skating. I really enjoy the relaxation and the tension release along with the strength building. My favourite movements are Side Bend and the ones which strenghten the upper body, triceps in particular.

Gayle Faulkner 

Intermediate class at the Crescent Arts Centre



Having had 2 children without much of a gap between them I needed to regain my shape.  Apart from walking I do not enjoy exercise, I?m definitely no gym bunny! However I have really taken to Pilates.  It?s great for firming up your muscles and strengthening the core.  It has helped me pull in my ?jelly belly? and works on the pelvic floor muscles.  An added bonus is that it loosens out tension in my neck and shoulders, which have caused me problems.

I feel lucky to have discovered such a great Pilates teacher, Neil is professional, enthusiastic, helpful and makes the class both fun and challenging!

Ann Moran

Thursday?s class 20:30 at Jacqui Philpott?s Dance Studio



I really look forward to Pilates every week.  The exercises are very beneficial for my posture and general fitness and have definitely helped improve my post baby tummy!!

Neil is an inspiring instructor who also makes the classes fun and enjoyable.


Gillian McCullough

Pilates on the Ball class 09:30 Mondays Neilpilates Studio



I have been doing Pilates for 5 weeks and my 6-kilometre rowing machine has improved by 2 to 3 minutes in the space of 3 weeks.  It must be Pilates because I haven?t been doing anything else!  I just really strong and comfortable when I?m rowing i.e.: smooth long strokes.   My favourite thing about the class is the lying down and the relaxation, it?s the only training I don?t dread!


Jane Warner (Rower)

Intermediate class at the Crescent Arts Centre 19:30 Fridays





Pilates has really helped my back.  I?ve had back problems off and on during the past few years, but since I?ve started doing Pilates regularly I?ve had no problems.  It?s also done a lot for my flexibility in general.  I like how I feel after the class ? stronger and more flexible and I really like the ?stomach crunching? movements like the Teaser.


Scott Shively

Intermediate class at the Crescent Arts Centre 19:30 Fridays



After having two babies my middle felt weak- both back and tummy- Pilates has made it feel much stronger. My posture?s much better I?m standing taller and people think I look slimmer.


Jennifer Smith

Monday evening 19:30 class at St Bernadette?s Parish Centre



I?ve gained better posture and more confidence.  I like the pace.  The slow movements really work my body. I enjoy the Shoulder Bridge as it puts strength and mobility into my spine but all the movements are good and the class is great.


Hayden Lambert

Both evening classes at LA Fitness Adelaide Street



The class works you slowly but surely and you really feel all the movements in the right places.  My posture has improved and it has made me feel more confident in myself.   My favourite movement is the Hundred.  It really works to flatten the stomach and you can push yourself with it.  I enjoy all the movements and find them benefiting me in different ways each week.   I wouldn?t change anything about the class it?s fabulous.


Erin Doran

Both evening classes at LA Fitness Adelaide Street



Pilates has helped me correct my posture especially when I?m sitting at my computer.  It?s also given the core strength to get the most of out of my wind surfing and skiing.


Dr John Miller

Wednesday class 18:30 at LA Fitness Adelaide Street



I?m much more aware of my posture and I try to use my core muscles on a daily basis (holding in that 30%)!  I also realise the effects that bad posture has on your health.


Aiofe Quinn

Thursday beginner class 18:00 at The Crescent Arts Centre.




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